How do I manage practical assessment?

The Vasto LMS Practical Assessments are a part of our core infrastructure, so all information captured in practical sessions is recorded live in your administration portal just like theory assessments.  This means you have the opportunity to reduce or eliminate...

How many portals are there in Vasto?

There are 6 unique portals.  As an administrator you can access all of them centrally without needing login credentials. The portal include: 1. Administration portal 2. Student Portal 3. Trainer Portal (for practical and virtual training) 4. Assessor Portal (for...

Do I need an API for my website?

No, Vasto generates code for use on your website. Most subscribers can update their own sites or require minimal involvement from their web managers.

What are widgets?

Widgets are linked code to your website that allow for data from the vasto system to appear easy and friendly for your staff and students on your website. They allow quick access to make contact via contact forms and enrol students or check the scehdule of a course...

What can Training Partners do in the system?

Your Partners can manage their day to day business through the portal including this and more; – See scheduled and previously completed courses – Timetable new courses venues, trainers, pricing, places. – Enroll Students individually or in bulk....

What are Training Partners?

Training Partners are also called Co-Providers or Auspice Partners. They are other businesses that deliver training on your behalf.

When is support available?

Our support team is available Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm Sydney time. Critical incidents are also monitored at all times.