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Isolated Course Delivery

Helping You Deliver Training In Special Circumstances


Flexibility In Training Delivery

The Corona Virus (COVID-19) may have highlighted the need to modify the delivery of your training. Additionally, you may have remote or otherwise incapacitated students who cannot attend a classroom / group environment. Vasto’s flexible delivery and evidence capture methods may provide the workflows you need to accommodate this.
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Vasto Evidence Collection

Vasto’s seamless Learning Management System (LMS) allows for a mix of evidence gathering methods which may be required to satisfy your compliance obligations as outlined below.  Vasto offers flexibility in the collection of evidence, all from your Vasto SMS-LMS.


Guidelines For RTO's

IMPORTANT !  Before deciding on which methods of delivery to use for accredited courses you must ensure you are meeting the package rules for the particular unit.

Evidence can be categorised as direct, indirect or supplementary evidence. Although direct evidence is always preferred, assessment of a unit may allow the use of other evidence in line with ASQA guidelines which state:

“It is the quality of all evidence collected (including any supplementary evidence collected by another party) that is important to making a sound judgement about competence—rather than the quantity, type and form of evidence, where it was collected or who collected it.”

For general details on evidence collection, please visit ASQA HERE

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Training Companies & Corporate Trainers

Yes, Vasto accommodates both accredited and non-accredited training. You’ll get the benefit of keystroke level data recording and management, in-built communications and multiple portals to manage all stakeholders involved in your training delivery and assessment. Ask us about advanced payment and web-integration options for your business, all included as standard.
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Your Vasto Unit Structure Guide

As you can see below, you have the flexibility to structure the sections of an exam to incorporate all the evidence gathering methods simply and in one place. Vasto’s multiple pathways options means you can allow multiple options for any given unit or course if required.


Will This Work For You?

Existing subscribers can contact our support team for training of activity setup to accommodate isolated course delivery using the HELP CALL tab in your administration portal.

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All Features & Tools


Protect your business with complete compliance automation


Maximise student enrolments by customizing your enrolment data fields aligned to your RTO

Integrated LMS

Seamless delivery E-Learning content with integrated Vasto LMS.

Funded Training

Remove the stress at reporting time with complete easyfund


Get paid instantly by accepting payments using integrated merchant functionality.

Course Builder

Content builder enables you to create stunning e-learning material with minimal effort in minutes.


Tailor smart training, financial and projection reports to suit your business.

Setup & Onboarding

Get up and running in days not weeks by using the Vasto Onboarder and data migration wizard


Get paid fast to keep your cash flow healthy with online invoice integrated to your accounting software. API to Xero, Myob, Reckon and Saasu.

Relationship Management

Stay connected always with our student and client CRM.


See the entire status of the training business on the Vasto comprehensive management dashboard displaying reports, enrollments and other key performance metrics

Pricing Model

Simplify and save with all inclusive monthly pricing model.


Combine other systems with Vasto using API connect system.

Mobile Learning

Allows students to access transcripts and take courses on and offline from any PC, tablet and smart phone

ID Validation

Adopt industry best practices for student identification

Data Migration

Seamlessly import historical student data with the Vasto migration wizard. We’ll look after your data like it is our own with the Vasto migration wizard

Alerts & Reminders

Increase productivity with automated updates and alerts across your RTO


Create unique corporate, client and subsidiary branding across your RTO


Empower and engage your assesssors, students and clients through their own unique portals


Take control by tracking attendance, managing & scheduling resource


Our platform is built to be used by organisations with as few as 50 students and by multinational, growing organisations, with the understanding that businesses are not static.