Pricing For Every Training Business


No Hidden Costs, On-Charges or Support Costs

With Vasto you pay one price per month for the entire Enterprise platform and Australian Support. There are no additional costs for special training, website integrations, LMS levels, or special activity types.  Your enrolment numbers include a maximum number which is assessed annually so you can grow without extra per-enrolment charges and you’ll know in advance what fees are payable if you grow in future periods.  Request Pricing


Upgrading from another system?

Are you stuck in a contract in another system? We offer transition pricing assistance to help you move from any other platform to Vasto.  We’ll asess your transition needs and provide pricing to help you make the move. Request Pricing


Calculating Your Savings

Vasto subscriber surveys indicate a range of savings across administration and other system users including students, trainers and corporate clients of between 40-120 hours per week for a medium sized RTO with 10 Full time staff. Calculate Savings Here


Data Migration Costs

Our advanced data migration tools include FREE data into our BETA environment from most other platforms, reducing your data migration costs.  Request Pricing


FREE Pre-Registration period for start up RTO's

If you are not yet registered as an RTO and are in the process of registration and audit it is FREE to use Vasto until your registration is successful. We’ll include portal setup, certificate template and register, course and unit shell setup and pre-registration induction also.  A 12 month agreement post registration is required for this offer.  Request Pricing


Optional Extras

SMS messaging (if you choose to use it) is billed in arrears at a fixed rate. The Vasto Auspice Partner Portal and Advanced Funded Data Management may be added later with fees variable to suit your enrolment volumes.  Request Pricing

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