Transition & Onboarding

Vasto 6 Step Transition Program

Transitioning platforms has many components but doesn’t need to be difficult or cause major disruption to your organisation.

With full integration across SMS, LMS, finance and compliance, the process of transition can appear daunting,  involving many elements across your training delivery, student experience, administration workflows and general business activities.  We understand this and implement a six step transition program to identify potential transitional issues as early as possible.

Our aim is to work closely together as you transition to identify, timeline and action transitional activities and responsibilities to help you get started quickly with as few issues as possible.


Step 1: Pre-Commencement Audit

Your SMS & LMS systems are critical components of your training organisation.  Before making the transition to Vasto we run a Pre-Commencement check to ensure we’ve covered all your critical business operation elements.

Your expectations around workflows, enrolments, administrative tasks, learning delivery and communication need to be clear.  No platform will be an automatic fit for your organisation, however we aim to highlight the areas of difference to ensure your expectations and our delivery options are clear.

Core items we’ll address include:
– Special workflows
– Unique reporting
– Commerce and transactional needs
– Industry specific outcomes
– Customisation requests
– Team experience & support expectations


Step 2: Custom Needs

It’s important that you develop a list of business and industry specific questions for our transition specialists so we understand your business and any unique requirements.  We provide ample opportunity for you to highlight concerns and wishes prior to commencement to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible.


Step 3: Transition Plan

On completion of the Pre-Commencement check and contract, we provide a list of requirements and activities you’ll need to address in your business to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.  Our transition team can assist with functions that are new to you.

You’ll need to allocate people and time to get a feel for the platform and participate in the scheduled on-boarding activities.


Step 4: Custom Data Migration (if required)

At Vasto, data migration is a human process. Our advanced migration tools reduce data issues and provide checks and balances to ensure your data is imported correctly and we align each transitioning RTO with a migration specialist to understand your particular needs across your data and your timelines for transition and training. Should you need a full custom migration (not always required), the typical process we follow includes:
Step 1. We receive a complete data set from your provider.
Step 2. We map this data and BETA test it in our platform
Step 3. We advise an approximate timeframe for the final migration following this test
Step 4. We ask you to cross check data (and we can assist)
Step 5. We inform you of the elements we have mapped and confirm those details with you
Step 6. We make changes to the mapping if required and agree on the outcome
Step 7. We agree on a final data dump date and you request same from your provider
Step 8. On the agreed date we complete the migration so there’s no (or minimal) cross over data
Step 9. You commence using the platform
Learn more about NAT only Migrations here


Step 5: Onboarding Program

We offer a range of on-boarding options depending on the level of functionality you have subscribed to.  Sessions 1 and 2 ensure your administration portal is set up correctly and your LMS knowledge is sound for course structure and content development. Sessions 3-6 are tailored to your needs from transition plan (step 3). We ensure you have a clear understanding of the core platform elements you need to get started.  


Step 6: Test & Measure

Vasto support in the initial 3-6 months after initial onboarding is important.  We conduct ongoing workflow and implementation reviews in the ‘live’ environment and include daily ticketed support and additional function specific sessions as required by our Australia, RTO experienced support team to ensure you are bedding in your workflows effectively.

Let's talk about your unique needs and workflows