Authoring & Content

D.I.Y, Vasto Authoring & Purchased Content

With Vasto’s in-built LMS you can deliver your content seamlessly on all devices.  Whether it’s simple auto-assess, file/video upload or short answer options or advanced SCORM or LTI (Moodle, Canvas, Catapult etc), Vasto LMS means keystroke level transparency on all learning activities with flexible workflow options to deliver your learning and assessments.


D.I.Y Vasto LMS Authoring

All Vasto subscribers receive training in authoring content.  We’ll help you learn how to break up and utilise your existing materials quickly and efficiently to create practical, engaging content for your students.  You’ll build content with tools and tips to help your students on their learning path including:
– HTML or plain text questions
– Modular question bank
– Modular exam structures
– Auto and manually assessed questions
– File upload/submissions
– Tips and Hints for students
– Benchmarks for assessors
– Embedded video & other multi media
– External links/references
– Attached resources with unlimited size
– Bookmarks and sticky notes for students
– SCORM package implementation
Practical assessment skills & outcomes

Tips On Store Bought Content - Before You Buy

Buying ready made content can help you get started or add new courses quickly however there are a few tips which may help you decide what you need before you purchase. Content can be expensive so do your due diligence before you buy. Vasto software does not sell content.

  • Is the material suitable for online and blended delivery?
  • Is it ‘face to face’ material that needs a lot of work for online?
  • Do you have full control and ownership of the materials?
  • Is the supplier guaranteeing or suggesting it’s compliant?
  • Can you edit learner guides AND assessments?
  • Does it have assessment benchmarks?
  • Is it mapped and a good fit for your TAS?
  • Are you locked into a particular LMS for delivery?
  • If it’s in an external LMS, is the LMS LTI compliant?
  • How current is the material?
  • Does it comply with the current package rules?
  • If there’s SCORM content, is it setup correctly?

If you would like a content audit for online or blended delivery with cloud based LMS platforms please contact us for further information before you buy.

Vasto Content Development Partners

Vasto’s network of content development partners are avilable to assist you in authoring, upgrading and transposing content. Vasto content partners work with;

  • Vasto exam creation
  • Moodle (for use in our LMS)
  • Canvas (for use in our LMS)
  • Hard copy, workbook style learning

Please contact us for information on our referral partners to help with your content authoring and implementation into our LMS.

Vasto Content Transposing Service

If you’re time poor or have a large range of courses to build in Vasto, we offer a tailored authoring service.  We request sample courseware to  assess the time needed to build your material.  From this we can provide indicative pricing and timeframes to author in Vasto.  We provide 10 hour blocks of authoring time or quote on a unit by unit basis.

We can utilise most formats of your existing content, mixing and matching to build effective student learning pathways including:
– Text files
– Graphics / Images
– Video & audio files
– PDF documents
– Powerpoint presentations
– SCORM packages
– LTI content

Demonstration Request

Our 20-30 minute executive introduction will address your key concerns and needs. We’ll demonstrate top level  improvements and workflows specifically relevant to you.

Our tailored deep dive demonstration (60+ minutes) with a product specialist illustrates workflows and benefits across the SMS & LMS from enrolment to certificate to help you streamline and grow based on your current challenges and future needs.

Let's talk about your unique needs and workflows

Core Features & Tools

Integrated LMS

Seamless E-Learning delivery with integrated Vasto LMS. 16 Activity types to cover Practicals, eLearning, Virtual Classroom, File Upload. Manual & Auto asessment with in-built communications.

Enrolments x 4 Ways

Maximise student enrolments by customizing enrolment fields and linking to your website.


Empower and engage your assesssors, trainers, students, corporates and partners through their own unique portals

Automated Messaging

Increase productivity with automated updates, alerts and reminders across your RTO before, during and after training via Email and/or SMS.

Course Builder

Use our DIY content builder or bring in your SCORM packages to create stunning e-learning material with minimal effort in minutes.


Tailor smart training, financial and projection reports to suit your business. Build reports to suit your external business and marketing needs.

Setup & Onboarding

Get up and running in days not weeks by using the Vasto Onboarder and data migration wizard


Get paid fast to keep your cash flow healthy with online invoice integrated to your accounting software. API to Xero, Myob, Reckon and Saasu.

Relationship Management

Capture leads online, manage, communicate and convert to enrolment or export.  Auto-Message pre, during and after training.


See the entire status of the training business on the Vasto comprehensive management dashboard displaying reports, enrollments and other key performance metrics

Pricing Model

Simplify and save with all inclusive monthly pricing model. Access to all non-partner functions standard with a reducing scale to promote growth.


Accounting, Xero, Training/gov.au, Australia Post, USI, SCORM & LTI (Moodle/Canvas), Wordpress, Websites integration standard.

Mobile Learning

Allows students to access transcripts and take courses on and offline from any PC, tablet and smart phone

ID Validation

Adopt industry best practices for student identification, online signing and more

Data Migration

Seamlessly import historical student data with the Vasto migration wizard. We’ll look after your data like it is our own with the Vasto migration wizard


Protect your business with complete compliance automation. Use our auto-fix functions to locate and rectify issues fast.

Multi Level Branding

Create unique corporate, client and subsidiary branding across your RTO

Funded Training

Remove the stress at reporting time with detailed funded training reporting.

Timetabling / Scheduling

Take control by tracking attendance, managing & scheduling resource


Our platform is built to be used by organisations with as few as 50 students and by multinational, growing organisations, with the understanding that businesses are not static.