Enrolment & Payment

Customise the complete enrolment & payment processes from online or bulk enrolments, automated data verification, tailored communication, provision of student portal link and payment.

4 Ways To Enrol Your Students

No business is the same and Vasto’s flexible enrolment options means you can choose 1 or more methods to suit including:
1. Manual administrator enrolment from phone & email data
2. Shared link enrolment to take students or corporate client administrators straight into the right instance of the course directly from email.
3. Spreadsheet upload for bulk enrolments for clients and groups.
4. Website Enrolment using Vasto’s Web-Widgets (Included)

Automated Payment & Billing

For flexibility around taking payments directly from students or for corporate clients we’ve included options such as;
– Upfront or staged payments
– Public and corporate billing and payment management
– Train now, pay later
– Payment vouchers for discounts, referrals and offers
– Manual invoice creation
– 4 Tier price levels down to timetable item level
– Cheque, Direct Deposit, Cash, Money Order, Credit Card (phone)
– 2 Way Xero sync capability. Learn More
– Gateways include Eway, Paypal & NAB transact.
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AVETMISS Enrolment Data

Automate, report and keep track of required AVETMISS fields during the enrolment process, regardless of state or territory. Automatically ensure VET profiles are complete and ready before your students commence training.

24/7 Online enrolments on ANY website

Using ANYplace enrolment widgets you can capture enrolment on multiple platforms including PC, Tablet and Smartphone with auto verification so 24/7 enrolment is available.

Student Identification intelligence

Let the system automatically ID your students with address verification.

Unique Student Identifer (USI) Options

Let the system automatically validate USIs instantaneously or direct the student to USI to create one if needed.  You decide if USI is needed at the point of enrolment or later.

Demonstration Request

Our 20-30 minute executive introduction will address your key concerns and needs. We’ll demonstrate top level  improvements and workflows specifically relevant to you.

Our tailored deep dive demonstration (60+ minutes) with a product specialist illustrates workflows and benefits across the SMS & LMS from enrolment to certificate to help you streamline and grow based on your current challenges and future needs.

To see Vasto Software in action, contact us today to book a demonstration tailored to your needs.