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Frequently Asked Questions

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+ Admin, Enrolment & Payments

Yes, your admin team can create a custom invoice for any service, course or product you like.

There’s 4 ways you can enrol students.
1. Manually by your admin
2. By emailed enrol link
3. By spreadsheet import
4. By widgets on your website (if you have that option installed).

Yes we have many ways that vouchers can be used in our system for discounts, agents, groups and more.

We have the ability to track referrals using our voucher and branding systems.

You can set up payment triggers which means the students are prompted at certain times to pay invoices to contunue to have access.

Yes, there’s a complete system for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) submissions, records, communications and approvals included in the SMS.

Yes, you set up alerts which can be on the dashboard and emailed to you.

Yes, venue management is included with Google Maps integration.

Yes you can store all of the staff pd and certs against the course or unit in our system ready to pull out at a moments notice. You can also allow or disallow subjects that can be trained by approved or non approved personnel.

Yes you can store all of the industry consultation against the course or unit in our system ready to pull out at a moments notice.

Yes, you choose how and when they are applied.

Yes. We have a powerful and unique to Vasto 2-way Xero sync that allows for invoices raised in our system to sync into Xero and have them reconcile. If the user in Xero edits one of our invoices in xero the link also returns this back to our system and marks it paid etc also. You select Xero field mapping when setting up the system.

Yes, we integrate with Eway and Paypal for payments.

Yes, you determine the rules and periods for payment which appear in the student’s portal.

For trainers you can see and assign availability in the calendar function.

Yes there’s your own library for storage and management of files.

+ Branding

Yes it is a quick process to set branding schema and colours.

Yes, as many as you like for yourself and your partner providers and corporates.

+ Certificates

Yes, your admin team can create a custom invoice for any service, course or product you like.

If you allow it yes, or you can choose manual certificate production.

You can create as many templates as you want and appy them at unit or course level.

Yes, you can allocate certificates at the unit, course and timetable levels.

+ Communication

Yes, students can communicate with their trainers and assessors in the system with all communications recorded and visible in Assessor and Admin portals.

Yes, reducing the need for external email and messaging and keeping records for all communications.  Bulk student communications can be used as well for group reminders, important dates and course information updates by assessors.

Yes it’s integrated but you’ll need a subscription with our preferred SMS carrier.

Yes, using the Broadcast message feature.

+ Compliance & Reporting

Yes, compliant CRICOS reporting is available (Additional costs apply)

Yes, many functions required exist for this reporting and activity.

Yes they can sign on screen or using QR codes. This can be added at the start or at any point during a course in the LMS.

Vasto’s Training Partner portal is fully ASQA ready so all levels of interraction, PD, Quals, reporting and training transparency are managed through the platform.

Yes it does and we have trouble shooters to help you every step of the way.

Yes we have tools to validate your data at any time so you don’t get errors at the last minute.

Yes it will offer the form to the students at completion, record how many were issued and all the results are pre-populated and tallied for export report as required.

Yes the vasto system can run multiple reports in many configurations and methods where you choose the fields to be reported.

We have an API link with TGA so the data is pulled directly from TGA and is always up to date.

It’s automatically updated and the student switches to the new unit after completing a unit.

There are 3 methods of ID validation in Vasto – IP address and device validation, photo identification and signatures/QR code capture

Yes it does with a secure API key provided with by the Government. Once you register with them and they provide the key our system can validate usis live within our portal.

Yes we meet the compliance requirements to be an approved AVETMISS system.

Yes our system has been through many audits in the past without issue.

Yes we have one of the most in depth, easy to use update workflows on the market. When a course is superseded you can replace it easily, as well as units. There’s numerous triggers as to who gets what when etc.

+ Hosting & Security

Here in Australia on Amazon Web Servers, one of the biggest providers in the world.

There are multiple levels of security and redundancy to protect your data and the system integrity.

No it’s unlimited as a part of your subscription plan. (A fair use policy applies)

+ Learning Management System

Creating content is easy and can be acheived within a few minutes providing the materials are online ready.

Yes, we are SCORM compliant so your SCORM exams are assessed and reported accurately?

Depending on the content yes. Items such as SCORM and elearning presentations can be implemented into vasto.

You will have the ability to admin grade or assessor grade and mark, as well as communicate with students without leaving the system.

No vasto is a completely different platform from moodle. The Vasto LMS is 100% in-built so there’s no external software or hosting needed.

Yes, This media file you include will appear above the question text, and can provide support material which the question may rely on. You can add images, video files/youube urls and audio files.

Everywhere! You can add resources at the course, unit, exam, activity, section and question levels to suit your course structure and industry.

Yes we offer course building services however most subscribers build their own as the LMS is simple and intuitive to use. Additional fees apply.

Yes, uploads of multiple file types are accepted for both in-course activity, student declarations and other generl records/files.

+ Migrating to Vasto

This depends on what migration package you choose. Options include NAT only, NAT+Cert Register and Full Custom Migration.

All systems. We have migration specialists who work across all platforms and for non-standard systems we scope and quote custom migrations.

NAT file only has no charge, with costs for other options available on request.

It depends on the size and amount of data. Generally we can do migrations within 2-6 weeks start to finish

We use a 9 step migration process to verify data, map and cross check fields prior to your final migration date.

Yes, we schedule migration dates for completed and in-progress students.

+ Portals

Students manage their USI, courses (online, offline and blended), enrolments, certificates, billing, messaging, settings and help from their portal.

Assessors communicate with students, view and assess materials, update profiles and upload materials directly.

Trainers mark attendance, training records (Assessments), communicate with students, provide availability and more.

+ Pricing

We offer Student Management (SMS), Learning Management (LMS), Widgets and CRICOS options which can be mixed and matched.

Yes, small and start up RTO’s are catered to and often only require less components until they grow and add more functionality.

Vasto contracts are 12 months in length.

No, we invoice quarterly in advance.

Yes, these are included in the initial invoice and are fixed prior to commencement.

Yes, support packages are available as new staff join your business and as new functionality is deployed.

Each package has administrators included as standard, with extra administrators available for a small fee each month.

It is unlimited.

+ Student Management

Yes, you can drill down to every interraction the student has has with the system.

Everything they see, interact with, answer and submit.

Yes, you can see what devices they are on, their login times and activity.

You can search from any admin page or use the students search filters.

+ Support

We offer help ticketing as apart of your subscription fee.

No our system can handle yout growth we have unlimited sizing capabilities.

The data is in Australia and hosted on amazon Alex has the full spec sheet on this

There’s a help section in the student portal to show students how to use the system to minimise your need to train them.

There’s a link on every admin page at the top right.

Our support team is available Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm Sydney time. Critical incidents are also monitored at all times.

We’ve built our own Wiki-Style library for easy search and drill down help functionality including system links and workflows.

+ Training Partners

Training Partners are also called Co-Providers or Auspice Partners. They are other businesses that deliver training on your behalf.

Your Partners can manage their day to day business through the portal including this and more;
– See scheduled and previously completed courses
– Timetable new courses venues, trainers, pricing, places.
– Enroll Students individually or in bulk.
– Manage their approved trainers & assessors.
– Track student results.
– Manage renewal reminders
– Message Administrators, Trainers and Students.
– Maintain their own profile and branding.
– Request Web-Widgets for enrolment from admin.

Vasto’s Training Partner portal is fully ASQA ready so all levels of interraction, PD, Quals, reporting and training transparency are managed through the platform.

+ Website Integration

Widgets are linked code to your website that allow for data from the vasto system to appear easy and friendly for your staff and students on your website. They allow quick access to make contact via contact forms and enrol students or check the scehdule of a course and places.

If you use the widgets all information is dynamically updated.

No, however we can refer to designers who may suit your needs.

You can display live data from timetables for enrolment, course information and enquiries.

No, Vasto generates code for use on your website. Most subscribers can update their own sites or require minimal involvement from their web managers.

No, the widgets option is a monthly fee as a part of your subscription.

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Core Features & Tools

Integrated LMS

Seamless E-Learning delivery with integrated Vasto LMS. 16 Activity types to cover Practicals, eLearning, Virtual Classroom, File Upload. Manual & Auto asessment with in-built communications.

Enrolments x 4 Ways

Maximise student enrolments by customizing enrolment fields and linking to your website.


Empower and engage your assesssors, trainers, students, corporates and partners through their own unique portals

Automated Messaging

Increase productivity with automated updates, alerts and reminders across your RTO before, during and after training via Email and/or SMS.


Get paid instantly by accepting payments using integrated merchant functionality for students and corporate clients.

Course Builder

Use our DIY content builder or bring in your SCORM packages to create stunning e-learning material with minimal effort in minutes.


Tailor smart training, financial and projection reports to suit your business. Build reports to suit your external business and marketing needs.

Setup & Onboarding

Get up and running in days not weeks by using the Vasto Onboarder and data migration wizard


Get paid fast to keep your cash flow healthy with online invoice integrated to your accounting software. API to Xero, Myob, Reckon and Saasu.

Relationship Management

Capture leads online, manage, communicate and convert to enrolment or export.  Auto-Message pre, during and after training.


See the entire status of the training business on the Vasto comprehensive management dashboard displaying reports, enrollments and other key performance metrics

Pricing Model

Simplify and save with all inclusive monthly pricing model. Access to all non-partner functions standard with a reducing scale to promote growth.


Accounting, Xero, Training/gov.au, Australia Post, USI, SCORM & LTI (Moodle/Canvas), Wordpress, Websites integration standard.

Mobile Learning

Allows students to access transcripts and take courses on and offline from any PC, tablet and smart phone

ID Validation

Adopt industry best practices for student identification, online signing and more

Data Migration

Seamlessly import historical student data with the Vasto migration wizard. We’ll look after your data like it is our own with the Vasto migration wizard


Protect your business with complete compliance automation. Use our auto-fix functions to locate and rectify issues fast.

Multi Level Branding

Create unique corporate, client and subsidiary branding across your RTO

Funded Training

Remove the stress at reporting time with detailed funded training reporting.

Timetabling / Scheduling

Take control by tracking attendance, managing & scheduling resource


Our platform is built to be used by organisations with as few as 50 students and by multinational, growing organisations, with the understanding that businesses are not static.