Vasto + Xero: a powerful combination

Vasto Educator’s inbuilt eCommerce functionality allows you to collect upfront payments, set recurring payment schedules and automatically issue branded invoices to customers. Achieve maximum efficiency by connecting your Vasto Educator account to your Xero account for automated continuous invoice, contact and 2-way invoice payment synchronisation. Enable advanced features such as course and venue tracking to facilitate granular financial reporting in Xero.

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Why connect Vasto Educator to Xero

The benefits of connecting Vasto Educator with Xero include:

Automated Continuous Sync

No need to manually extract invoice data and re-key into your accounting software.

Two-Way Payment Sync

Whether invoice payments are process in Xero or Vasto, they’ll always be kept up to date in both systems.

Work On The Cloud

Operate your business securely from anywhere on Earth.

Best Of Both Worlds

Leverage the power of Vasto’s eCommerce and Xero’s reporting in a seamless solution.

What Vasto Educator does

Collect payments & issue invoices

Flexible pricing and payment options with options such as vouchers, recurring payment schedules and portal access blocking.

Sync invoices & contacts with Xero

If your individual or corporate customers don’t yet exist in Xero, upon invoice synchronisation, we’ll create them for you.

Two-way sync payments

Collect payments via credit card, PayPal or by any number of offline means. Whether that happens in Vasto or Xero, invoice payment status will update automatically in both systems

What Xero Does

Xero is online accounting software that lets you run your business easily and efficiently.

See your up-to-date cash position

Know how you’re doing financially with secure daily updates from your bank accounts and a clear visual dashboard.

Get paid faster and improve cash flow

Easily create and send invoices with online payments and automated invoice reminders for faster payment.

Run your business from anywhere

Access your business finances anytime, from any internet-connected device, and use the Xero app for iOS and Android.

Connect and collaborate anytime

Invite your team and your advisors to work with you in real time from home, office, or on the go using the mobile app.

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Connect Vasto Educator to Xero in 3 Steps

Contact us for an online guided demo at a time that suits you. We know you’ll be excited to sign up to Vasto Educator. Your new account can be provisioned as soon as same-day.


In your Administration Portal, go to CONNECT -> XERO SYNC and click “Connect To Xero”. Select your business entity and enter your Xero account user credentials to enable the two systems to communicate.


Import your chart of accounts, line items and custom tracking schema from your Xero account with 3 clicks, then set a ledger account for each transaction type in ACCOUNT DEFINITIONS. Set a START DATE for auto sync to commence and you’re all set!


What customers say

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“I literally don’t have to touch a thing to get students self-enrolled, paid up, invoice issued and posted to my Xero account. Saves me a lot of time.”

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“In my previous system, two-way payment sync was not an option … now with Vasto, the fuss & bother is removed.”