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Product Highlights

Built-In LMS

LMS Seamlessly delivers E-Learning, Blended & In Class training. No API’s, Apps or Coding.



Learning Management System. The LMS is an online learning environment that allows you to locate learning materials and activities related to your studies from any location with internet access. Typically, a learning management system provides an instructor with a way to create and deliver content, monitor student participation, and assess student performance.

Student Management

Our SMS includes 4 level portal access, web integration, custom reports and more.



Student Management System – Manages all your RTO data, communications, scheduling and reporting. Communicates between your students, trainers, assessors and administration staff.

Co-Provider / Partner

Manage your Co-Provider / Auspice Partners, delivery, branding, quals & more.


Training Partners

You may choose to grow your business and reach further geographically using Partners. Vatso’s unique partner portal allows for partner self management whilst you maintain control over courses, PD, compliance and more.

Government Reporting

Complete compliance reporting across AVETMISS,
& State Funding agreements.



AVETMISS stands for the Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard. It is a national data standard which ensures the consistency and accuracy of vocational education and training (VET) information. Vasto is 100% AVETMISS compliant with excellent pre-reporting tools to remove errors prior to reporting.

Features and Tools

Built-In LMS

Build, deliver, track & report courses without leaving the platform. Create stunning e-learning material with minimal effort in minutes. Import SCORM material.



Shareable Content Object Reference Model is a collection of standards and specifications for web-based electronic educational technology. SCORM content can be inserted into Vasto's LMS for reportable learning activities.

Co-Provider / Auspice Portal

Grow your busines with Parners. Setup, brand, manage & communicate with partners . Allow scheduling, assessment, payment, commissions, venue. Manage Quals & more.


Training Partners

You may choose to grow your business and reach further geographically using Partners. Vatso's unique partner portal allows for partner self management whilst you maintain control over courses, PD, compliance and more.


Our automated web-integration means you can create web-widgets for Timetables (enrolment), Course Profiles and Enquiries with little or no need for expensive Website changes.



A web widget is a web page or web application that is embedded as an element of a host web-page. Vasto's Timetable / Enrolment, Course Profile and General Enquiry widgets are available for Vasto users to display on their site. The DIY method means cost & time savings with no special web-dev needed.

Assessor Trainer Student

Portals to empower and engage your assesssors, students and clients through their own unique portals.


4 Portal Levels

There are separate portal logins for your Administrators, Trainers, Assessors and students.  All non-admin people can access their portals on PC, Tablet and Smartphone 24/7 to complete and assess work and assigned tasks.


Tailor smart training, financial and projection reports to suit
your business.


Custom Reports

Select from over 50 data fields to create and export reports to suit your business across your all your Student, Trainer, Assessor and results needs. View on screen or export to Excel for use in your business.

Funded Training

Remove the stress at reporting time with complete easyfund.

Fast Setup & Onboarding

Transition  in days not weeks by using the Vasto Onboarder and data migration wizards as our dedicated Transition specialists help you feel comfortable as you move.


Transition Help

We understand Transition can be daunting. We'll implement a four step transition program to identify potential transitional issues as early as possible so you can get on with business.


See the entire status of the training business on the Vasto comprehensive management dashboard displaying reports, enrolments and other key performance metrics.

Integrated Invoicing

Get paid fast to keep your cash flow healthy with online invoice integrated to your  Xero Accounting software.


Xero Integration

Integrate with Accounting for 2 Way Sync. Talk to us about our unique 2 Way Xero integration, the most comprehensive in the industry, saving time and errors across your SMS-Bookkeeping.

Corporate Portal

Manage your corporates with multi level branding , co-ordinator access & student monitoring, enrolment & communication tools.  

Mobile Learning

Allows students to access transcripts and take courses on and offline from any PC, tablet and smart phone

ID Validation

Adopt industry best practices for student identification

Data Migration

Seamlessly import historical student data with the Vasto Migration wizard. We’ll look after your data like it is our own with the Vasto migration wizard


Migration Options

Vasto offers multiple migration options from NAT only (no charge) to full custom data migration.  Select the option to suit your long term needs. Pricing from $2.5k for custom options. 

Alerts & Reminders

Increase productivity with automated updates and alerts across your RTO. Use SMS or email alerts from triggers to ensure your students are alerted in advance.



Setting triggered messages means you'll be in contact with students at various stages in their training journey without forgetting important items.


Create unique corporate, client and subsidiary branding across your RTO. Use brands to set unique pricing and reporting activity relevant to each branded stakeholder.

Payment Flexibility

Get paid instantly with merchant functionality. Setup flexible payment plans, options, vouchers & specials across courses & schedules.

Advanced Scheduling

Take control by tracking attendance, managing & scheduling resources,  multiple sessions, calendar views, combos and more.

Enquiries Manager

Manage enquiries from your websites. Convert leads to enrolments, communicate with leads with our Enquiries Manager web-integrator to feed leads into the system.


Enquiries Manager

For a little extra, add our enquiries manager to capture and manage leads from your website to convert to students efficiently.


Our platform is built to be used by organisations with as few as 50 students and by multinational, growing organisations, with the understanding that businesses are not static.

Vasto Educator integrates directly with leading business apps

4-Step Transition Program

Our VastoInduct program will get your business to a place of full system adoption, with a seamless migration of your existing NAT files data. We have seamlessly transitioned our customers from Vettrak, JobReady, aXcelerate, Bluegum, Ammonite, Wisenet, Moodle and many more.

We are committed to providing world-class service that delivers peace of mind, so you can get back to contributing to the success of the business with higher-value activities.

Custom Demonstrations are available.
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The efficiencies built-in to Vasto Educator have saved us countless hours in administration.

John Smith

Director of Education, Fancy Training Organization

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