How do I manage practical assessment?

The Vasto LMS Practical Assessments are a part of our core infrastructure, so all information captured in practical sessions is recorded live in your administration portal just like theory assessments.  This means you have the opportunity to reduce or eliminate...

How do I assess students?

You will have the ability to admin grade or assessor grade and mark, as well as communicate with students without leaving the system.

Do you use Moodle?

No vasto is a completely different platform from moodle. The Vasto LMS is 100% in-built so there’s no external software or hosting needed.

Can I add media to questions?

Yes, This media file you include will appear above the question text, and can provide support material which the question may rely on. You can add images, video files/youube urls and audio files.

Do you build course content?

Yes we offer course building services however most subscribers build their own as the LMS is simple and intuitive to use. Additional fees apply.