Question: What does the Vasto LMS do and why is it better?
Answer: Vasto doesn’t have an LMS in the traditional sense of a piece of software that handles learning in one environment, then communicates results and information into a Student Management System.  At Vasto, we find that model to be counter-intuitive because these functions are all a part of the one path to qualification. The Vasto Learning Functions are 100% enmeshed in the platform, they form a part of the fabric of the software because learning management and student management are part of the same thing.  When an LMS and an SMS are separate, it suggests that the learning activities are separate from the communication, planning, discussion and certification tasks.  At Vasto, we believe the student journey should be a seamless experience across all the activities requires to reach qualification/certification, with communication between students, assessors and administrators active along the path. All the data (every keystroke) is tracked so educators can assist students regardless of whether they are in an online learning environment, attending a prac or just needing clarification from an assessor for a question or an administrator for other information.