Here’s 11 ways Australian RTO’s can GROW AND PROFIT with Vasto Educator, Australia’s only truly integrated LMS-SMS- TMS platform.  Your RTO Management system should be about more than compliance. We often hear from RTO’s about a need to increasing efficiency, reducing paperwork and duplication and streamlining workflows.
1. Use competency checklists to eliminate paperwork from Practical sessions.
2. Upsell / Cross sell to existing and former students with automated messaging
3. Cross Promote to new students with post course offers
4. Use vouchers in your online marketing for special offers
5. Use Vasto’s bundling feature to create discounted course group offers
6. Build your business with Training (Auspice) Partners with Vasto’s fully compliant Partner module
7. Integrate enrolments on your website (adding vouchers and group offers)
8. Eliminate 3rd party apps for ALL your LMS activities
9. Capture leads directly into Vasto and communicate with them
10. Use Vasto’s RPL system to capture more students and reduce processing time.
11. Reduce trainer time with Vasto’s advanced trainer management system (time & travel linked)