Built-In LMS

Finally, a seamless LMS and SMS in one platform. No plugins, API’s or 3rd party content systems. Vasto’s In-built integrated Learning Management System allows you to create or import e-learning content, deliver engaging lessons, automate assessments and provide complete visibility of student’s progress to assessors, administrators and students via their own portals. Simple.


No Bolt-On LMS

Vasto offers the only integrated LMS, built as a part of the platform so all data and activity is an integrated part of your SMS, recording every keystroke on the way.  Other platforms drag data from an LMS into an SMS with limits on what data can/can’t be used to track and record student activity, outcomes and progress.

Deliver any type of content online

Our LMS gives you the ability to easily deliver
E-learning content regardless of format – including
any document, multimedia or powerpoint – online.
Use our in-built Q&A builder with multiple options
and/or import your own SCORM content from popular
authoring packages.  
DIY Content Building: Learn More


Your students can access training anywhere, anytime.  View and interact on PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

Training Analytics

Real-time reporting on all training activities
to ensure training is complete, and you can
prove it.  Fully integrated into the SMS so you
won’t need to double key or import.


Let the system perform the work for you. Utilise auto-assessment style Q&A or have your assessors engage and communicate in real time with students from anywhere.

Offer stimulating engaging learner experience

Make learning enjoyable with unified content, playback and high-quality video streaming. Apply your enterprise brand colours to Key interface elements or choose from our attractive themes to change the look and feel of your User Interface


User Interface

The space where interactions between humans and machines occur, which makes it easy, efficient, and enjoyable (user-friendly) to operate a machine or computer. Allows effective operation and control of the machine from the human end, whilst the machine simultaneously feeds back information that aids the operators’ decision-making process. E.g – The interface page you see when you use apps, computer programs etc rather than the computer’s code behind the process.

LMS Content Partners

Our commitment to partnerships with best-in class content providers means you have access to a huge content library.

Student Mobile Interface

Our mobile interface allows students to access transcripts, take training, communicate and take courses online and offline.  Ideal for Tablet and Smartphone use this allows go-anywhere learning for your students.

Fast, Secure AUS Delivery

Vasto LMS draws on Brightcove ® adaptive video streaming, scalable Amazon cloud infrastructure and fast delivery using cutting edge servers.  Our hosting is based in Australia to help in faster delivery of content to allow for more dynamic e-learning content into the future.

Seamless Compliance

LMS will provide you with learning paths, certificates, digital sign. As Vasto’s LMS is integrated into the SMS there’s no API’s or potential for data corruption.  Student assessments, course updates and materials all live in the same database for simple update and ongoing course development.

Unlimited Storage

Vasto Integrated LMS includes unlimited storage. Grow your content, your LMS engagement and your business without increasing your overall costs.  Our pricing plans ensure you can grow your business and reduce your per-student e-course delivery costs.