Student enrolment is a time-consuming exercise for any RTO but it need not be. Enrolments often take the form of a manual process with student information being relayed to administration staff, who in turn, transfer all of that data into a student management system. There are strict requirements on the type and quality of information required which has a direct effect on the AVETMISS report generated at the end of each reporting period.

For those focusing on short course delivery, the burden is even more onerous as you try to process a high volume of students in a short period of time.

Our RTOs report to us that time spent entering student profiles, generating USIs, dealing with RPL claims and processing payments adds up to significant and costly amount of time. Not only is this a huge drain on your admin resources but it is also a frustrating process for students who today expect a hassle-free, quick and accurate enrolment procedure.

Go Online and Automate

The solution is to move your enrolment process online and automate as many of the steps as possible. Online registration not only improves efficiencies and eliminates unnecessary paperwork, it also maximises participation and improves marketing capabilities while allowing participants to sign up when and where it’s most convenient for them from any device.

By assigning the data entry to the student, accuracy of information can be increased, their data is also validated as it is entered, further reducing the chance of errors and the likelihood of having to chase students for missing information. Additionally, you can build special enrolment scenarios, online payments and RPL claims into the process.

Vasto Educator has been designed to overcome this inefficient use of time by providing several practical options for automating the enrolment process.

Web Widgets

Adding a widget to your website provides a window into your course information and timetables. You can select which courses are displayed on your website, the number of places available for enrolment, the time and location they are scheduled and view the detailed information for each course. When you update your management system, your website is automatically updated, eliminating time wasted due to duplication of data.

The enrolment widget allows students to commence the enrolment process for their selected course from your website, wihile ensuring all data is fed directly into your management system.

If you choose to run multiple brands or have partnerships with other organisations, your widget will update all locations that it is published and ensure consistent and accurate enrolment information.

Shared Link

When the RTO receives an inquiry about an enrolment in a particular course, the student is emailed a Shared Link directly from the course. In this way, all course information and settings are retained in the link and the student is taken to their online student portal, with your RTO’s branding, to start their enrolment process.

The system is designed for the cloud, with new students taken to an online portal, meaning that they can enrol from any device and platform – PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone.

Shared Links can be created as soon as the course has been released, they can be emailed to groups of students or sent to an employer or teacher to disseminate to new students.

Bulk Enrolment

For times when a large group of students need to be enrolled together, the Bulk Enrolment facility allows the upload of a pre-formatted spreadsheet containing the initial student information required to commence the enrolment process.

With a couple of clicks, the student’s details are uploaded and an invitation to enrol in the course is automatically sent to the individual student with a hyperlink to take them into the online enrolment system.

Therefore, by choosing Vasto Educator as your student management system and automating your enrolment process, administration staff can be freed from the monotony of inputting student profile information, enrolments can be processed faster and accuracy of information will improve, benefiting the experience of both students and staff.