How can you be certain that the testamur that is presented to you by a future employee is genuine? Currently, desktop publishing programs are so sophisticated that even a relative novice could produce a high quality certificate to represent a qualification that they may not have obtained.

A simple way to alleviate any concerns over a certificate’s authenticity is to apply a QR code for validation. This feature, which is enabled in the Certificate Template Design area of the Vasto Educator admin portal, automates the addition of a QR code to each certificate that is produced, removing the need for administration staff to have to manually validate the certificate.

Certificates can still be printed and issued in person or by mail. Alternatively they can be emailed or downloaded by students at any time from their student portal. Most importantly, all certificates will automatically include the QR code for validation.

When the QR code is scanned by any of the free QR readers available for download to a smart phone, the screen will display a message either confirming that it is a valid certificate or alerting that the document cannot be verified.

Vasto are a leader in implementing simplified, innovative technology solutions to help practitioners uphold the highest VET industry standards. QR code validation saves time, effort and money and is a major advancement in preventing fraudulent documentation with no extra work created for RTO staff.

QR code validation is standard for all Vasto Educator subscribers.  https://vastosoftware.com.au/features/compliance/

A valid certificate response via the QR code reader

The response received when a certificate cannot be verified.