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An Outcome (Elements & Performance Criteria) is an assessable item, and are used in practical courses only. These items can be assessed by trainers of your choice, using the Trainer Portal. Elements are the essential outcomes of a unit. Performance Criteria specify the level of performance required to demonstrate achievement of the Element.

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The elements and performance criteria for the course can either be copied and pasted from training.gov.au unit of competency details page (for accredited courses), or typed in manually (for non-accredited courses). Outcomes are similar to skills, and the two can be used in combination. Skills are confined to the particular curriculum activity they are created in – they cannot be used for other curriculum activities without being re-entered there. In contrast, outcomes are added higher up, at the unit level, and can easily be reused for multiple curriculum activities within the same unit. Outcomes are not visible outside the unit they were originally added in.