Case study—Ensuring authenticity in online assessment

For the full version “Conduct Effective Assessment” visit the source here:  https://www.asqa.gov.au/standards/training-assessment/clauses-1.8-to-1.12

Your Mac Training is an RTO that provides training and assessment in graphic design through the qualification CUA50715 Diploma of Graphic Design. As its target student group is located in a remote location, Your Mac Training provides an online delivery mode option.

Your Mac Training uses the following technologies to conduct online training and assessment:

  • Moodle , an open-source platform, for the storage of assessment materials, portfolios and assessment results
  • a virtual classroom, using a headphone and microphone
  • webcams and personal mobile phones
  • Skype and Yahoo Messenger.

The virtual classroom is used to provide training in relation to assessment of the required knowledge. Students communicate with the trainer and assessor through their headphones/microphones during the virtual classroom sessions. In order to ensure authenticity, the student is required to hold their driver’s licence up to the webcam at the beginning of each virtual class. After the virtual class, the webcam takes photos of the student at random intervals while they are completing the online assessment questions.

For the demonstration of practical skills, photos and videos of the student performing the practical task are taken by a third-party. A third-party report is completed to record the tasks performed by the student. The student holds up their driver’s licence to the camera at the beginning of each practical demonstration video to confirm that the student performing the task is the student enrolled.

Finally, the trainer and assessor calls the student after the submission of completed assessments and asks questions relevant to the assessment.