Think about the lifecycle of the student.

Spend a moment to map out all relevant tasks and processes associated with a typical student life-cycle, excluding any possible variations that could happen during the lifespan of said student such as withdrawals.

An example student lifespan could look like:

  1. Enquiry
  2. Enrolment (online via web widget, shared link or manual)
  3. Initial assessment (LLN/VET Profile)
  4. Enrolment confirmation
  5. Unit/Course commencement
  6. Course progression timeline
  7. Student support/engagement
  8. Student completion
  9. Certification issue (Post/student download)

Assess the processes your RTO undertakes daily

  • Is this task effective and efficient? If tasks are outdated or systems are not suited to your RTO, you run the risk of your staff being frustrated, time being wasted, and your students will have a poor experience with your RTO throughout their studies.
  • Can this task be improved to provide a better service for students and staff? Do your research and ask your team for suggestions on how to perform certain tasks more efficiently. Trial new processes and software, get feedback from current students, join an industry forum and see what others are doing successfully.
  • How costly is this task? Inefficient processes are costly. Imagine the savings if admin staff could complete a task in one hour rather than three. Investigate the cost of materials and programs used to carry out these tasks. You could end up saving hundred or even thousands of dollars by getting rid of anything not serving your RTO effectively.

Questions like these determine the value added by the task versus the cost of activity.

Vasto Educator has streamlined, intuitive software that enables you to save time and money in 4 main ways:


Business management

Vasto Educator comes with business tools built into the software, ensuring your RTO is as efficient as possible. You can use flexible branding and multi-branding options, maintaining your brand’s look and feel throughout your student’s training experience.

You can easily create and manage invoices, payment requests, discount vouchers, online as well as handle offline payment collection. Cloud-based reporting and accounting systems integrate seamlessly with Xero, SASSU and MYOB so you can get started right away. Profitability reports are another great management tool, keeping you informed up to the minute on your RTO’s financial situation.

You have the option to add widgets to your existing website, so students can self-enrol, saving a significant amount of time over manual enrolment processes.

Use the handy calendars to monitor schedules and availabilities by training venue and trainers. Communicate effectively with email, system and SMS messaging and alerts.

If it will save you time and money, Vasto has thought of it and it is in Vasto Educator.


Student management

Flexible timetabling and scheduling options are provided for your RTO.  Students can switch courses easily as individuals or in groups. You can use the enrolment progress tracker for a ‘live’ snapshot of where your student is with their studies, how long each unit is taking and monitor competencies achieved by student.

You can track and assess RPL submissions, manage your enquires, resolve any complaints, keep detailed administration notes and use the integrated messaging tool to communicate easily and effectively with students. Branded certificates for electronic or hard-copy dispatch are automated and easily arrange any qualification renewal reminders as they arise.



Vasto allows you to pre-validate and generate AVETMISS compliant NAT files for all states. Pre-validating is easy and saves time with reporting. Fix errors in a fraction of the time using links that take you straight to the error in the system. There is also an error interpretation and resolution advisor guide that you can use to look up any error message and see instructions on how to fix it and learn how to prevent future errors.

You can generate CCOS data files, RTO renewal datasheets and VSR data files. You can collect and compile AQTF surveys and CRICOS compliant data.

The system monitors Trainer/Assessor qualifications and has unlimited storage and online document management for compliance auditing.

There are handy in-built troubleshooting tools to detect and repair any errors and discrepancies in your database.



When creating units and courses, you can import accredited course specifications and structure data straight from training.gov.au, saving you time with data entry and avoiding any possible human error. USI web services are enabled for creation, instant validation and location of USIs. Student VET profile data is checked for accuracy and completeness. Australia Post servers are referenced for address validation. You can export your data sets to Excel and import AVETMISS compliant NAT file batches in just a few clicks.

Vasto Educator is the perfect partner for your RTO. It is a complete end to end training, student, compliance and business management platform for Australian RTO’s, schools and corporate in-house training departments.


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